Students celebrating the end of a successful training season in the field.

I have taught a broad range of undergraduate anthropology courses at Ohio State University and Texas State University since 2007. Courses I have taught include large introductory lectures, smaller upper division seminars, online courses for nontraditional students, and laboratory sections. I employ experiential and active learning strategies in a variety of ways in my classes, such as assigning students ‘challenges’ to tackle outside the classroom or by assisting students with developing local research projects to explore course themes.

I also enjoy teaching students in the field. I’ve trained students from across the world in behavioral and ecological data collection methods, animal tracking with VHF and GPS telemetry, GIS mapping, and bioacoustics analysis at my primary field sites in Peru.

Courses Taught:

Introduction to Physical Anthropology

Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (online)

Cultural Conflict in Developing Nations

Women, Culture, and Development

Peoples and Cultures

Primate Field Methods

Introduction to Biological Anthropology Laboratory Sections

Learning telemetry

Teaching undergraduate students to track wild mammals using VHF telemetry.

harpy recording missy dara

Graduate student learning to record primate vocalizations during a predator model experiment.

Bird watching

Training masters students on observational data collection techniques at a harpy eagle nest.


Undergraduate students learning to conduct focal animal sampling on a saki monkey group.